An Italian morning

Hiking and tasting tour

Day Tours

Let young locals show you this remote medieval village and fortress, then continue for a short “round of the stones” and learn more about the locals and local life. 

On the “piazza”, Davide will teach us how to prepare some famous Italian aperitifs, which we will then sample as we have a little chat.


  • Meet young locals
  • Hear village stories
  • Become aperitif experts
  • Experience a real Italian morning
  • Visit a medieval fortress

Experience a morning of real Italian village life with locals who share their stories.

Spend a morning the Italian way and experience life in the medieval hamlet with its inhabitants. 

First, young locals will introduce you to the particularities of the village with its millennial history. 


Then, it’s piazza time, where everyone meets, with one or more aperitifs that you have prepared yourself. 


Local life happens right in front of you and will include you naturally.




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